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Welcome to Our World, Your World, Women World, FemiCanna World!

Our brand was created by women for women. FemiCanna products are designed to support you from the inside in your daily duties, in the fight against the side effects of fast paced everyday life and a schedule filled to the brim with tasks that your surroundings may sometimes not notice and consider as undemanding and meaningless. We will take care of your focus, motivation, inner peace, healthy sleep and inner beauty, which inevitably translates into your outer glow. We invite you to take a short journey, during which we will show You what wonders the FemiCanna universe offers.

FemiCanna products are broad spectrum products, which means that the hemp oil used in their formulation does not contain any psychoactive THC.

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Start Your day with a shot of healthy energy

Each new day presents us with new challenges, tasks to be performed, obstacles to overcome - by choosing the right ingredients from the rich offer of Nature, we have created a product that will arm You with the necessary supply of energy, focus and peace so that You can face them all. We must also mention that Your mornings will also get a little bit spiced up ... literally. ;)

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Take care of Your inner Beauty.

It has been known for a long time that an extraordinary appearance is influenced not only by external factors, such as the daily dose of UV radiation, the type and quality of food, but also what is happening inside you...starting with the emotions that bother you on a daily basis, through the bacterial microflora, and ending with the multitude of systems that control your metabolism and hormones. A popular, and otherwise correct, statement is that beauty comes from within. We took it to heart, creating a product rich in ingredients that will help you care for that inner beauty, which will undoubtedly translate into your outer glow ... and more.

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Just sleep...

If, before you fall asleep, you: have to do a lot of prep work, wina gymnastics contest while rolling from side to side, count an endless herd of sheep, take cover from a thoughtstorm, wake up in the middle of the night or despite having eight hours of sleep, you don't have the strength or desire to open your eyes after waking up, it's definitely time to do something about it. Sleep problems affect both your physical and mental health - so they affect your entire day rhythm. We have the right weapon for you to fight this problem ...

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