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FemiCanna Beauty

FemiCanna Beauty will allow you to take care of both your inner and outer beauty. Thanks to carefully selected natural ingredients, You will not only feel but also notice positive effects. Femicanna Beauty is a blend of broad spectrum hemp oil standardized for the presence of phytocannabinoids, organic MCT oil, Lycomato and natural terpenes. The product contains guaranteed 1000 mg of CBD and 450 mg of natural lycopene. Thanks to the zero THC content, it does not show any psychoactive effects. Use regularly (every day) so that the effects meet your expectations - make time to stop time. The optimal daily dose is 10 drops a day.


Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, occurs naturally in the hemp plant. This compound has gained and is still gaining more and more popularity, mainly due to its effectiveness in the fight against many ailments that torment modern society - from toning the nervous system, through extinguishing inflammations, strong antioxidant action and ending with supporting the body in its strive for balance.

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CBD Beauty
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Tomatoes? No, much more!

Lycomato - A great example of what can happen when natural nutrients synergy is optimized and harnessed. Lycomato is a standardized tomato extract rich in carotenoids, tocopherols and phytosterols. Lycomato has been shown to support our skin's natural resistance to external stressors, support its ability to cope with aging caused by sun exposure, and increase its overall smoothness, density and thickness ... all of this, of course, from within.


Much more than a Christmas spice

It's warm, sweet aroma is associated with delicious baked goods, Christmas and most of us think of rather positive associations. However, it is also one of the most underestimated plants, which has a great potential for health. We are talking about cinnamon, as often found in almost every kitchen. You may have even heard that it can help balance blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes or help prevent Alzheimer's disease-but that's not the end of its properties. At FemiCanna Beauty we use a highly concentrated, organic CO2 extract of Ceylon cinnamon.

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