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FemiCanna Energy

FemiCanna Energy is a blend of phytocannabinoid-standardized broad spectrum hemp oil, organic MCT oil, turmeric extract, black pepper extract and natural terpenes. The product contains guaranteed 1000 mg of CBD and 200 mg of CBG. Thanks to the zero THC content, it does not show any psychoactive effects. The optimal dose is 10 drops in the morning, preferably after a breakfast rich in healthy fats. With FemiCanna Energy You get all the CBD and CBG benefits enhanced with curcumine and black pepper advantages.


Canabigerol, or CBG for short, is a naturally occurring compound in cannabis that does not have a psychoactive effect. CBG is a precursor to other cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN. Supports cognitive processes and provides increased energy reserves for greater focus and clarity of mind throughout the day. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, CBG also has the potential to fight other problems such as glaucoma, bacterial infections, inflammation, depression and anxiety.

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Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, occurs naturally in the hemp plant. This compound has gained and is still gaining more and more popularity, mainly due to its effectiveness in the fight against many ailments that torment modern society - from toning the nervous system, through extinguishing inflammations, strong antioxidant action and ending with supporting the body in its strive for balance.

A dash of colour

You have probably already heard a bit about the health-promoting effects of turmeric, known and used in kitchens all over the world. Curcuminoids are the responsible for the positive aspects of using this yellow-orange spice. In FemiCanna Energy you will find Curcumin C3 Complex, a standardized 95% curcuminoid turmeric extract that contains all three curcuminoids naturally occurring in turmeric, thanks to which it is highly absorbable from the gastrointestinal tract. Among the proven advantages of regular use of curcuminoids, it is worth mentioning: strong antioxidant effect, strong anti-inflammatory effect, supporting immunity, supporting healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels and ...

Organic Tumeric
CBD Energy
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Spice up Your mornings

You probably have black pepper in your home somewhere. This ingredient, commonly found in kitchens all over the world, also contains something that has been shown to be beneficial to health. The ingredient in question is piperine, which is responsible for the spicy character of pepper...and your morning after a dose of FemiCanna Energy. Consuming piperine has many positive aspects ...

Czarny pieprz

Smell or taste?

It is a well-known ingredient in many diets. It stimulates circulation, fights inflammation and aids digestion. It can also reduce cramps, protect the liver and stimulate your sex life. In FemiCanna Energy you will find CO2 extract from organic ginger which is a rich source of terpenes and sesquiterpenes such as gingerol and zingiberene. Together with black pepper extract it is responsible for the intense, slightly spicy taste.

Imbir Energy
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